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Is There A Difference Between A Mac And A PC For Internet Security?

Macs and PC’s have become much more compatible over the last few years but there are still some considerable differences between them. One of Apple’s selling points for the Mac is that they’re more secure, but is that truly the case?

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One of the biggest reasons PC’s are so prone to viruses and various security problems is because of the Internet Explorer web browser. When Microsoft originally made it, they set it up in a way that would let other companies add features and functions to it with “plugin” software that runs inside of Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, this capability also opens it up to a lot of security vulnerabilities. The simple fact is that Internet Explorer is a big part of the reason PC’s have so many problems. This just isn’t an issue on a Mac.

There are ways around it on a PC as well. For one, you can use a different browser like Firefox, which will help avoid a lot of issues but even then, Internet Explorer is always there in the background because it’s a part of Windows.

If you’re running a Mac, you’ve got a number of choices of browser but because the underlying system doesn’t run Internet Explorer, a lot of the security problems just don’t apply.

The other reason PC’s have more security problems than Macs is simply a matter of scale. There are so many more Windows PC’s than there are Macs that they make a much easier target for the scammers who cause these problems in the first place.

As the Mac becomes more and more popular, we’ll start to see more attacks on it as well.

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